Sunday, February 27, 2011

And So It Begins....

Welcome to my Blog!   I've had so many people encourage me to do this, and finally, I'm here!

I'm looking forward to a place where I can share recipes, and cooking tips, and freely talk about my ever evolving philosophy on food, and eating,  and my love for all of the good gifts given to us!

My focus will be on Real Food.  But I feel that a whole lifestyle goes along with that, so there will also be posts on shopping for groceries, gardening, cleaning products, good books to read, other blogs and websites to check out, and anything else that pops into my mind!
So - just to get started, check out my "Who I Am" page, to see what has brought me to this point, and I'll be adding to my posts, and other pages as time allows.

Oh, and just to let you know - for Dinner today, we are having a Slow Roasted Chicken w/ roasted carrots,  made-from-scratch bbq'd baked beans, and fruit salad.    Later today, I'll be posting the baked beans and the fruit salad recipes.


  1. Sound really promising, I can't wait to see some of your posts about grocery shopping. It's so easy to get sucked into the processed food vortex when you're at the store.

  2. I agree! It's especially easy if you have a 6 year old with you!