Friday, September 9, 2011

What I Did This Summer

Obviously, what I didn't do was blog.  I thought about blogging a lot, and I wrote down lots of ideas for topics, and worked on many new recipes, but those lazy, hazy days of Summer never happened for me - although there were a lot of CRAZY days!

So as a preview of some upcoming posts, I wanted to give everyone a rundown of what I did this Summer, and what will be coming!

1.  I planted and harvested my first raised bed garden.  I'll be sharing some of the highs and lows of that venture - but all in all, it was a successful gardening year for me!

2.  I explored baking more with coconut flour and almond flour, and also mixing non-grain flours.  Some great recipes have come from that!  (and yes, I'll be sharing them.)

3.  I used my dehydrator for jerky, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and herbs.   I'm in love with my dehydrator now!

4.  I read several really good books - some that I now consider MUST reads if you are interested at all in Nutrition, and how food affects our mental, emotional, and physical health.  My next post will be full of book reviews!

5.  I went camping twice, and also made a trip to Chicago.

6.  I nursed my son back to health after his surgery to remove tonsils and adenoids.

7.  My little guy and I picked strawberries, and cherries, and attempted blueberries one day.

8.  Cherries and Strawberries are in the freezer, along with several quart bags of green beans.  Peaches and Salsa are canned...with much more to come in the preserving adventures!  (we've only just begun!)

9. I BOUGHT A COW SHARE!!!   Yes, I know that was all caps - but that just shows my joy, and downright giddiness at finally buying a cow share and having FRESH, RAW MILK!   Whooo HOOOO!   I think this is the #1 best thing that I did for my family's health this summer!

10.  I rendered lard and tallow for the first time - and learned some valuable lessons about following instructions along the way!

11. I remodeled my kitchen.  (And by "I" what I really mean is my fabulous, wonderful, extremely talented, and very cute husband remodeled my kitchen.  I supervised.  And picked colors and textures.)  What I'm most excited about is my INCREDIBLE new sink.  It's my dream sink.

12.  I seriously worked on my vitamin D intake.  All in the name of health, of course.

I think there was probably more that I did, but this will keep me going with blog post for quite a while - so I think I'll wrap it up for today.   Be sure and leave a message for me, and tell me what you did for this summer!  I'd love to hear!  


  1. Can't wait to hear your book reviews and see the recipes! :)

  2. I'm jealous of your cow share! It sounds like you had an awesome summer. I'm curious to see your book reviews. Thanks for coming by and giving your input on my organic milk post :)

  3. wow....sounds a lot like the last 9 months or so of my life.