Monday, March 21, 2011

Meal Plan Monday! What's For Dinner This Week?

YEA!  I stuck to my meal plan last week for the most part, with just a few minor changes.    It helps so much to have a plan.  The key for me is to know in my head that it's just a guideline, and if I want to change it I can.   If it's too rigid, or set in stone, I begin to feel caged-in, and then the whole plan is destroyed.    However, I am determined to stick to my self-imposed budget for groceries, and it's easier to do that if I have some sort of plan for using the food I have.

I purposely don't plan the weekends, because that gives me a time to be more creative in the kitchen, and also a time for leftovers if we have them, and a meal out if we want.   This weekend, I experimented with a new pizza crust, and we ate it twice!   For lunch on Saturday, and again for dinner on Sunday.   I'm still tweaking it, but we love it already - and it's grain and gluten free.   We also grilled burgers and I made homemade baked beans (using Navy Beans for the first time - we liked them!), and then used the leftover baked beans in Chili for lunch on Sunday.   Wow!  Who would have thought baked beans would be so good in Chili?   It was some of the best Chili I've ever made.   The leftover beans added a smoky sweetness to it, and it got thumbs up from both of my Guys!

Now - On to This weeks Meal Plan!   It's a strange week here, weather wise, so although I'm really wanting to grill more, and eat more warm weather foods, I'm sticking with more comfort foods for now.

MONDAY -  Baked BBQ'd Chicken, with baked sweet potatoes, and steamed green beans

TUESDAY - Sweet & Sour Ham Meatballs with roasted California blend veggies

WEDNESDAY - Italian Wedding Soup (and trying a new recipe for grain free biscuits.)

THURSDAY -  Kitchen Sink Omelets w/ fresh fruit.   (making omelets with little bits of cheeses, veggies, and meats that need to be used up.)

FRIDAY - Shrimp Scampi w/ roasted asparagus and veggie hash browns.


  1. Funny. I was just doing my meal plan too. I'm trying to figure out a way to make it work for me better. I'm like you in that if something is too "You have to do it on this day & time" I kind of become a rebel.

    On our menu this week is:
    Homemade pizza
    Chicken & Rice
    Meal @ Church
    Chicken Enchiladas with my leftovers from Tuesday
    FIL's bday supper
    Pork Chops (though I'm not sure how I'll fix them yet)

    I've added my menu to my iCal so that it reminds me each morning what I have planned. If I don't feel like that item for the night, I can easily look at my other days and see what I've got coming up.

    We'll see how it works this week!

  2. You'll have to let me know how it goes, Crystal!