Monday, April 18, 2011

PART II - Why We Eat Traditionally - a Biblical Perspective.

In PART I - Why We Eat Traditionally  ,  I gave an abbreviated time line of some of what led us to where we are right now.    Before I continue, I want to stress that I believe that any change you make to get rid of non-foods, chemicals, your diet is a good change.  You don't have to do what I've done.   Do what is best for you and your family!   Also, this change has been gradual.  Although,  as I saw great results, my changes started occurring faster.   I spent a lot of time testing the waters of Traditionally Eating first though,  and I doubt that I'll ever be all the way there.   Like everyone else, I do what is best for us as a Family.

This past year has seen a lot of change for us in our eating habits. Probably the most change has happened in the last 9 months - more than in all of the years before.      I plan on sharing more of that through different posts here, but for right now, I feel like the most important thing to share is this post.    Many people reading this will disagree with what I write here, but I feel for many more, it will resonate, and for others, it may be the first time they've ever thought of food in this way, and it will help them gain a better understanding of how to eat.

During this time - the last week of Lent,  I wanted to share what to me is the most important reason for why we eat the way we do,  and what makes it not hard to go against conventional wisdom and thinking to eat this way - and that is my faith and trust in God as my Father, Protector, my Rock and Shield.   As we have been doing this gluten/grain free thing,  many many blogs talk about a Paleo/Primal way of eating, because that's how we've "evolved" to eat.  When I read those, I cringe a little.   As a family, we will never define our way of eating as Primal, or Paleo, for this simple reason:

We were created in the image of God.   I firmly believe that God has created us, and that our bodies are considered a Temple of His Spirit.   I believe that at the time of Creation, God's plan was for us, as humans, to have dominion over the earth, and that He gave us the entire scope of foods to eat.   Ummm, except that one tree.  And that one tree, and the disobedience of Adam & Eve, is the beginning of the reasons we struggle with food, diet, and eating to this day.       The first murder recorded in Scripture was over food.  A brother jealous because his brother's sacrifice of food was considered more worthy than his - A gardener vs. a shepherd. 

I was going to quote a bunch of verses here, but then I had a hard time choosing them - because there are so many many passages in the Bible that talk about food.  Food used as imagery for God's love for us,  food used to described the wonderfulness of the Promised Land,  food used to welcome a prodigal back home, food used as sacrifice, food used a's all there - from beginning to end.   When people say that food should just be used for fuel, I think that's wrong.  (and I think they must not have taste buds!)  I think that from the very beginning, God meant for food to be used not JUST as fuel, but also for our enjoyment, for our celebration, and also as an act of worship. 

I also believe that we have taken what God gave for our enjoyment, our pleasure, our sustenance, and our HEALING, and we have corrupted and destroyed so much of what He meant for our good.   We have resigned ourselves to eating processed, contaminated, food-like substances, instead of enjoying the real food that He created for us.    I believe that many of the health epidemics we are experiencing today can be eliminated or greatly reduced if we would thoughtfully consider what food really is, and how it was first made for us to consume.  

Because I believe so strongly that God has given us food for our health, nutrition, healing, and enjoyment, I believe that food should taste good  great!   I love making food that people love.  I love showing people that good healthy real food can taste way better than any processed food ever can.  Watch now, because in the next couple of days, I have a ton of recipes that I have been working on that I will be posting.  Including my own recipe for Peanut Butter Cups that have the national brand beat by a mile!
Now - head on over to the Books I Read page, for some great info on books that I love, and that have been the biggest help to me on my family's journey.

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